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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend the shelf life of the fragrance of Little Joe® products?

To extend the Little Joe® products shelf life, it would be ideal to close the product in the blister packaging upon exiting the car. It is also helpful to note that the strength of the scent can vary depending on the intensity of the air conditioning and heat.

What are the strongest fragrances?

Our strongest and most intense scents are Cherry, Vanilla, Fruit, Passion, Fresh Mint, and Odour Neutralizer.

What are the lightest fragrances

Our lightest and most subtle scents are Cedarwood, Ginger Lemon, Musk, and Black Velvet.

Can the products trigger allergies

Since our products are mainly dry scents, they rarely trigger allergies. However, for safety reason chemicals are listed at the back of the blister packaging. If you have any specific questions, you can contact us anytime via E-Mail: info@drive-int.ch.

How environmentally friendly are Little Joe® products?

The packaging and products can be recycled, and it is important to mention that after the car's usage period, the product can still be stored in small spaces like closets or handbags, continuing to emit a scent.

Can the Little Joe® products be used from outside the car?

Our products can also be used for indoor spaces and will lend a beautiful scent to any interior.