In 2015, Drive Int. AG was founded in Switzerland, following the launch of our Little Joe® Car Air Freshener brand. We have since then brought a smile to over 70 countries worldwide with over 100 distribution partners supporting our quest to
transform the car air freshener industry. Our goal has and will always remain to be at the forefront of creating products that maintain the highest standard
of creativity, excellence, and quality.

Over the years our company has grown significantly and in early 2021, we opened our own production facility in Italyn as a 100% subsidiary of Drive Int AG, to vertically integrate our activities and streamline our operations. Our operations occur throughout the development process with active facilities needed to execute initial studies, conception, executive drawings, establishment of prototypes and building of test and production molds. Today, we are fortunate enough to provide a one-stop OEM / ODM service for some of the most renowned automotive companies in the world, such as Audi, Porsche, Hyundai, Renault, Toyota and many others.

Quality & Environment

At Drive Int. AG, we demand the highest standards throughout our supply chain.

We continuously require from our suppliers the latest certifications and their updates to comply with the market and environmental standards and needs.
ISO 9001 certified by TÜV.

The fragrances have been created strictly according to IFRA standards. They also comply with REACH requirements for fragrance and flavour industry.

Sustainability & Responsibility

The efficacy of how we achieve our growth is of great importance to our team.

At Drive Int. AG we are focused on having a positive impact on all our respective stakeholders, ensuring that our bottom line does not come at the expense of any invested parties. We are mindful of the ecological effects of our operations and how we may incorporate green business models. In conjunction with our mission statement of bringing joy to our customers, we seek to do so in a sustainable way building upon our four core pillars:

- Footprint
- Innovation
- Sourcing
- Care